2 Million Stem Cells a Week Later

Tomorrow will mark the official 1-week since my stem cell injection.  Before I begin on what it was like and how I am doing, I need to correct some of the information I shared in my first post regarding my stem cell injection. The injection was actually 150 growth plates and 2 million stem cells. For some reason, I was only concentrating on the number 150 vs. the whole kit and caboodle. The title of this BLOG is indeed factual – 2 Million Stem Cells made it into my right big toe! WOWSER!

The whole sweaty palm procedure took about 45 minutes. This included check in, credit card charge, signing my life away on the paperwork that clearly states in bold letters “NOTICE OF NON-COVERED SERVICES”, shoes/socks off, feet up, freezing spray (Nope, NO local), injecting that 3” (or so) needle right smack dab into my joint, moving it around a few times, and injecting the Ammnio Visc.  That is it!  It was done before you know it. Did I squirm from the uncomfortable needle? Yes… Was it painful? Hell yes!!!  Was it worth it?  Absolutely!!!  He did inject the right major toe joint as well as he saved a little bit of the “serum” to inject directly into an arthritic nodule I have on the bottom of my left big toe. The photo I have included is both my left and right toes the day of the injection on top and then the below photos are my feet today sitting at home. Aside from my unhealed blister on my left big toe and a little toe swelling, I can see a reduction in the right big toe swelling and the left big toe arthritic nodule seems smaller. 

Today marks Day 6 and I must report I am feeling much better.  I still have not been able to do any high impact or pushing of my foot, but I can certainly feel the difference.  I push my thumb into the joint area that before was intense pain and it has significantly diminished. The pain still exists, but it is a lot less.  The doctor did note that some patients could feel immediate relief, but that most patients will have a significant reduction of pain in about 4-weeks.  My hope is that maybe I can walk 5 miles without getting that ridiculous twinge of pain that starts to run rapidly through my foot.  We will see!  I am planning a big walk on Thanksgiving morning, so I will report the results upon completion.  I also have legs planned for Friday and perhaps I will be pushing the leg press! 

So far is so good in my book. If things keep up, I will likely see how I can get a “package deal” on the other 8 toes.  At $3K a pop, I am hoping that deal with be a powerful package!  My next Rituxan infusion is scheduled for December 2, 2016.  They say that will also improve the results.  Fingers Crossed!

Ashley Stevenson