Mighty Knuckles, Let’s Hope

Finally, a new post. What took so dang long? Well there are many reasons why I haven’t sat down at the computer to discuss the trials and tribulations with my rheumatoid arthritis. In late April, I was forced to find a new hand surgeon. That dominated most of May, as that task was not easy, nor was it under the best of circumstances. Life continues to present interesting situations. Maybe it’s a test to see how we will react. TRUST – in my book; that is a huge word, and I mean HUGE. It would have never occurred to me that patient-doctor or physical therapist confidentiality was only figurative, nor would I ever believe that individuals whom were providing a medical service to a patient would elect to abuse an aspect of their patients’ profession. I won’t go into any more detail regarding the situation, but what I will say is I learned a valuable lesson about trust and where to draw the line with people in the medical industry; specifically those who treat you. The good news is I have a better surgeon now and someone whom made me realize that perhaps I wasn’t in the best place before.

Other reasons for my failure to blog include my business keeping me very busy, my personal life embarking on a remarkably organic love story, and my disease causing a bit of havoc. The last part is the reason I should actually be sitting here speaking into my voice activated software. That is the reason I write this. Some of you may think voice activated software can make my writing so much easier, but honestly it still feel somewhat weird to talk to yourself while sitting in your office, wondering if anyone was listening. Nonetheless, regardless of who is listening and who actually reads this, my disease still remains a daily part of my life and continues to harbor activity.

On June 16 of 2014 I underwent a second major hand surgery in my right hand. This time it was to correct the right pointer finger ligament which had not taken after my initial right MCP joint replacement that was completed in February 2013. The surgery for the right pointer finger ligament was long overdue. The thought process from my previous medical team was that I needed a break; however the pain got to be through the roof. My right pointer finger felt dislocated for months. While completing this ligament repair, Dr. Peter Campbell recommended that we try to create new only made tendon sockets for my 3 other fingers on the same hand. If you have read my previous posts, you will know that I had been wearing a splint for the past year on my right hand. The goal of this repair and correction will eliminate the use of this splint. Well at least that’s the goal. My cast was removed this past Tuesday. Finally, a shower for my right hand and forearm. Yippee!!! Of course, I am not quite out of the woods. I have a new temporary splint that I must wear for 4-weeks as I regain mobility and work towards using my fingers more normally. I am hopeful this goes quick. I am being a little more cautious and reserved as I move forward with my therapy. I am committed to ensure I do not have to do the surgery again. My new hand therapist will take some getting used to, but I know what I need to do and will keep my conversation and my exercises continuous.

Make it count by looking forward to some mighty aspects in your life.

Ashley Stevenson