The Instructor has Divine Influence: Thank You Kim…

f you have read my BLOG for a while, you will know that hot yoga has saved me and so have many instructors. It’s become my religion, my sanctuary, my sanity, and a place where I can be raw and real. Today, I recognize another astounding instructor who has impacted my life.

Sumits Yoga, Biltmore location, suits me, but more importantly Kim Ewan has made a significant impact in my world by just reciting dialog that always seems to relate with my life journey. I have giggled with her from time to time saying “Oh Kim, you state that this class is not about the instructor, but I disagree. I truly have to connect with a person’s “being” in order to get all I want out of my practice.” I am certainly not disagreeing with the holistic mindset and beauty of yoga intention, but I am very devoted to the people who touch my soul in a way they likely don’t expect. In this life, we have the privilege to stumble upon people who unexpectedly impact our lives; the divine influence is what I call it. I have been fortunate to have powerful interactions with a number of individuals along in my journey, however I will admit the most influential people who have taught me so much about this life happen to be yoga instructors.

Kim, I embarked upon your hot yoga ride almost a year ago. My life had taken a terrible turn in 2012 and my heart and soul were lost. You have played witness to some challenges with my disease in 2013 and continue to offer guidance when needed. There have been many moments where I have peacefully cried on my mat while listening to you tell a story or encourage your yogi’s to be “the change you wish to see in the world.” You have made me laugh when you use foul language to describe the sweltering heat or to encourage the new kids to keep going. To put it simply, you are unique.

You have taught me about the many layers of emotions and to be patience with myself as I unfold the past and start to heal for my future. When my self-esteem struggles to find goodness, you remind me that I am worth it. You have taught me about the divine influence and you mimic characteristics of what I hope to become in my future. You add beauty to my day and a gift of patience and understanding that seems to be the hardest for me to grasp. I admire your selflessness, passion, grace, wisdom, and direct approach to life. I am humbled by the women you are and are likely not finished becoming. YOU, my dear, are an amazing instructor who has the ability to influence, inspire, and encourage people to believe anything is possible for their lives regardless of the obstacles set forth. There is something about you that resonates for so many people…

Given today is your birthday, I thought it was only fitting that I write a separate BLOG about you on this very special day. For today is the day you came into the world to make a difference! And I am here to tell you, YOU HAVE DONE JUST THAT. Thank You!

“Make it Count by Sharing a Special thought about someone who has impacted your life”

Ashley Stevenson