Surgery is Over…

My hand surgery took place on February 27, 2013 at St. Joseph’s Hospital. It was quite fun, I was in good spirits and my very dependable neighbor was there to ensure that I made it home safely. I’m only assuming things went really well, but I can’t tell as my hand is wrapped up in a hard/soft cast like club. I’ve realized, I can use this baby as a weapon. As you can imagine, I am on some major drugs. The pain coming from what is beneath the tape is very painful. I can’t even begin to think about what my hand looks like underneath the wrapping. Lucky for me, my neuromuscular therapist Pam Maren is going to come by and massage my arm a bit. I’m hopeful that I can keep the pain at bay, however have a really tough time taking all of these drugs. As a matter of fact, who knows with this post will end up saying. Cut me some slack if it isn’t very good. I’ll be wearing this cast for 3-weeks. Next week I’ll be visiting Dr. Purdy to discuss the surgery and take new x-rays. My only objective at this point is to figure out a way I can workout and do my hot yoga. Let’s be realistic, hot yoga is completely out, but at least I made mention. I believe at this point I will do a modified yoga workout here at home and then do the bike at the gym. Wish me luck.

Make it count by always finding a way to keep moving.

Ashley Stevenson