Student of the Month

Sumits Yoga – Biltmore located at Town & Country (20th Street and Camelback) has asked me to be there student of the month for April. What an honor!!!

This is the article that was posted.

In a desperate attempt to find heat and some relief in Calgary Alberta Canada, I stumbled into a 90 minute hot yoga class that was suggested by a friend. Work had brought me thousands of miles away from sunny “hot” Arizona and when living with rheumatoid arthritis, heat can make all the difference. The bitter cold, high elevation, and dramatic barometric pressure changes was deteriorating me from the inside. My health took a turn for the worst in only 4 short months, thus making the pain unbearable.

My love, or shall we say addiction, for hot yoga didn’t come easy. At first there was additional pain, dizziness, and it just seemed so hard. After the first class, I didn’t want to go back, but I knew I had to give it time to see results. A combination of my type A personality and living with RA forces me to document how my body adapts to any new regimen or remedy. The relief after doing hot yoga seemed to be more significant when I incorporated a minimum of 2-3 days a week. Soon, hot yoga, became a love affair I couldn’t quit. I moved back to Phoenix Arizona in October of 2012. My move back wasn’t filled with the excitement and joy as one would expect. It actually included the very opposite feelings: grief, despair, and fear from the several losses I endured in 2012. In order to save myself from falling deeper in a spiraling hole of depression, I had to maintain my hot yoga and find a studio that would remind me of what I came to love in Calgary. This wasn’t an easy task as I was looking for a special place where the yoga instructors could provide something unique and something that would fulfill what my heart so desperately needed. In other words, I don’t want to just listen to monotone instruction, I want a personal approach that offers a philosophical peace and spiritual awakening. Sumits yoga at the Biltmore was my fourth studio. My neuromuscular therapist, Pam Maren, had been practicing at Sumits for quite some time. I walked into Sumits Yoga on Thanksgiving day of 2012. My first class was difficult, but it made me find that internal smile I had longed for. Since then, I realized so much more about this studio. Sumits Yoga Biltmore is a place where people can grow and find their true selves. It’s a place where the instructors take a personal approach and make you feel very welcome and encouraged. In short, it’s a community that supports each and every student in finding their true internal and external potential. I used to think life was about completing a five hour workout, but what hot yoga has taught me is that life is so much more. It’s about loving yourself, loving the life you live, and believing that you have the ability to change the outcome that your journey may produce. Make it Count by trying Sumits Yoga Biltmore….

Ashley Stevenson