Poly Carbon Joints For the Hands, Really?

Who would’ve thought a Polycarbon joint for the hand would exists?! Modern medicine can be quite something. I met with Dr. Beth Purdy today in Phoenix, Arizona. I have been experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in my right index finger. The swelling and inflammation can sometimes overwhelm a person. The pain became too much to handle so I needed to get a second opinion. If you have been following this blog for a while, you would likely know that my left wrist had been the main problem since I moved to Canada. Although my left wrist was where I was focusing all of my attention, after last year’s major life changes, my right index finger was taking the brunt of this disease.

My doctors appointment revealed an urgent need to get a joint replacement prior to the possibility of the fist joint dislocating. Dr. Purdy revealed that it was imperative I get in for surgery right away to avoid the possibility of a dislocation occurring. Apparently if the joint was to dislocate prior to getting surgery, the doctor would be unable to perform the replacement, thus resulting in me eventually losing full use of my right hand. Not the best news I’ve heard, but I suppose compared to last year, this is nothing. I’m scheduled for surgery on February 27, 2013.

Ashley Stevenson