More Traction BUT My Thumb is Free

Today in therapy it was revealed that my new index joint is twisting in a way that is not conducive for a successful replacement and recovery. They had to add a third post with traction in order to try and mitigate the twisting when I work towards making a fist. Honestly, it feels terrible, but doesnt feel any worse than the whole ordeal. From the sounds of my current recovery time status, it’s not likely I will get out of this brace anytime soon. I’ll continue to find all of my “workarounds” and remain positive and patient. Let’s face it, this is bound to be way better than my next surgery which I am dreading.

The best part about my two hour and 30 minute appointment was Dr. Purdy instructed my occupational therapist to allow my thumb to move freely, so in other words cut out a portion of the brace. Although I don’t have much flexion left in my thumb, it’s still nice to see it free. The tip still works so that hopefully will allow me to grip the weights once I get released to actually put some weight in my hands. I tried to get Karin to give me authorization to do something today, but she laughed when I walked over to the weighted pulley system. You can’t blame me for trying!

Make it count by being happy to have a functioning thumb!

Ashley Stevenson