Green Works on the Left Hand

My latest left hand splint looks like it was made for a teenage mutant ninja turtle. This splint is to protect and immobilize my left wrist and thumb. The goal of the splint is to ward off my next 2 surgeries for a bit longer. If you subscribe to my blog then you will know that 2013 has been “the year of the hands” for me. We are watching the left hand and wrist closely. I’d like to see how long I can go without having another surgery, but with all the health insurance changes, it might be best I schedule this surgery before the end of the year. Hmm – we’ll see. I am trying to sort out what is best in my head. What would you do? I will this wear splint for a good couple of weeks and then use it when I workout. It will provide support as well as keep me from straining my wrist and thumb during normal everyday activities.

Make it Count by Appreciating color to your medical necessities.

Ashley Stevenson