From Cast to Contraption

I decided to skip the post-op appointment with Dr. Purdy. It’s now March 19, 2013 and today I got my cast cut off. Once my cast was removed, they took new x-rays. At my previous appointment, I was actually able to see what my new joints and titanium plate looked like. The thumb titanium plate was something Dr. Purdy had to add the day of the surgery. She also found a cist just below my index finger joint on the top of my hand. It was nice to finally get the cast cut off and to visually see what my hand looks like. It looks a bit abnormal because of all the swelling, but I’m hoping at the end of this it will look way better than it did prior to having the surgery.

After the cast was removed, I was off to Desert Hands therapy to get custom splints made. I now have two custom splints that are pretty dynamic. One is like a contraption with movable parts that essentially sets my fingers to where they cannot actively go beyond a 45° angle. They are held in this position so my joint is placed appropriately for the new tissue to form around the new joint. It’s not as comfortable as I would’ve hoped, but I’ll deal with it. I have quite a bit of pain coming from the splint and really am not interested in taking anymore of the major drugs. I can’t take any anti-inflammatories such as Advil, Tylenol, or Aleve due to the fact that I am still healing and tissue growth is taking place. Apparently anti-inflammatories hinder this process. I am also off my Orencia medication until further notice.

My second brace is a sleeping brace. It essentially stabilizes my hand to keep my fingers from spreading. It’s really not that comfortable. I think I’m going to talk to the hand therapists about it when I go back later this week. I actually just decided to text Dr. Purdy’s assistant. She provided me her cell phone number in the event that I needed her.

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Ashley Stevenson