Day 3 – Meditation and Visualization – I stink at that!

We slept in a bit. (This cleanse also stresses the value of insuring you get proper rest, so I did rush out of bed today) We had our breakfast and then went off to Edworthy Park to run by the river.  It was an absolutely fabulous day outside – Sunny and zero clouds in the sky – MY PERFECT DAY!  We did our run and honestly I was a bit sluggish.  I feel more tired than usually which is normal for cleansing your system.  After a brief nap, we went to the farmers market for some fresh produce and then off to the bookstore.  I have been yearning to buy the “The 4-Hour Body” book by Timothy Ferriss.  He is also the author of “The 4-hour Work Week” – Another must have I want to implement in my life… Dreaming is good!

Meditation and Visualization is what Kathy asks you to focus on today.  I have yet to do that today.  I did visualize a few things when I was in the bookstore – quitting my job, working as freelance personal trainer and motivation speaker, living a life stress free, traveling to incredible countries, and being pain free.  Then I realize I needed to wake up and proceed to checkout.

I have yet to meditate today, but will start that during this journey, however I am not heavily invested in “The 4-hour Body” so I’ll complete my 10 minutes soon.

Today I ate the following:

Breakfast: Blueberry Buckwheat pancakes

Mid Morning:

Lunch: We had left over 19 bean and veggie nachos

Mid Afternoon: Hale to the Kale smoothie/Blue Lagoon Smoothie (Incredible), A Fresh Peach (even more incredible)

Dinner: Corn Tortillas, beans, veggies, fresh salsa, and Olives.  YUMMY

After Dinner Snack: I haven’t gotten there yet, but maybe corn chips and hummus.

1. How do you feel today (overall) compared to yesterday? As noted above, I am a little sluggish, but felt a sense of “wire” when I was reading the forward in my new book.

2. Has anything changed with your symptoms that you may have not wrote about the day before? Nothing really.

3. Are you feeling hungry at anytime during the day? I didn’t feel hungry today like I thought I would.

4. What was your workout today?  57 minutes of running – 50% was spent running only on my forefeet (well we thought we lost Jack along the way, so the 57 minutes was longer than I was suppose to run)

5. When did you workout and how was your energy during the workout? We got to Edworthy about 11:30 AM.  I was sluggish and didn’t feel as though I wanted to run for a long time.  I had little motivation.

6. How did your energy do throughout the day? It was hard to come by today, but I am better now at 8 PM.

7. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?  8 hours

8. As it relates to your health, here is a list of areas that have caused some issues over the past 6 months. Please provide a brief update of each: Rating scale 1-10 (1 being no pain and 10 being the worst

Left wrist pain: Feels better than yesterday. About a 5.

Right pointer finger joint:  Feels good and appears the swelling is going down. About a 2

Thumbs: Much better – About a 1.5

Right Hip: I felt my right hip when I was on my forefeet during the run. How interesting is that?  About a 4 though.

Face/Skin: My rash is almost gone.  Still a little on my neck and chin, but minimal.

Other: Nothing that I can think of or want to share.

It was a good day if you exclude Jack having a tantrum in the bookstore because we were there for 1-hour and he claims he didn’t have enough time to get a book that he wanted or that everything was too expensive.  We then had to explain that he need to get ready because life isn’t always about getting what you want.  Trust me, I have been there many times. He cried loudly while we were checking out and it was semi-embarrassing.  I love kids especially when they say “you just don’t understand me.”

Make it Count by starting a book that can teach you something new.

Ashley Stevenson