Day 22 – What? I thought you were done at 21

Why stop now, as I have had great results.  I haven’t decided for certain if I am going to change what I have been doing, but I know today I am going to keep moving in the same direction I have been for the past 21 days.  Why?  RESULTS.

We all strive for results; whether trying to lose weight, gain muscle, relieve a chronic illness, get that promotion, study harder to make good grades, lift more weight, or even run a faster marathon – results, results, results encourage us to work harder in the area where we have the most desire.  When something works, you keep doing it!

There is no doubt it was a difficult 21 days, especially when going to an event where you smell something fantastic and want a small bite.  It’s crazy how disciplined one can be when a motivator like pain reduction is the demon you are trying to beat down.  I don’t have very many demons, but I do have unbelievable pain that takes a ton on me physically and emotionally.  I find it hard to describe my pain to certain healthy people.  I love it when someone says “hey, why do you limp?” and I say “oh, I have RA and its bothering my hip today.” They say “oh, what’s RA” then I say “rheumatoid arthritis.” Then this will come out of their mouth “oh, you just have arthritis.”  That is the moment where a very strong restraint takes over and pull my hand out of the back-handed position.  Some people just don’t get it!

This isn’t my first cleanse, nor will it be my last.  My doctor (natural) last night told me I looked amazing and she could tell I am feeling better.  When I told her it was Day 21 of my 21 Day Quantum Cleanse, she seem surprised.  That was likely because last time I saw her (about 3 months) I told her I missed chicken.  At my last appointment she encouraged me to eat animal protein at least 2-3 times a week as “not everyone is made to be vegan/vegetarian.” Last night we talked about a similar diet including some lean chicken or fish.  I’m good with eventually have some type of animal protein, however right now I am on a roll and feel as though my body needs more time exploring this new way of eating.

Perhaps in the next few days, I will be able to come up with a solid game plan or maybe I will try to beat my last eating plan which was about 7 years ago and lasted 45 days. Who knows!!!

Make it Count by finding something that gives you RESULTS.

Ashley Stevenson