Day 2 – No Caffeine – That’s Cool.

I have made if through day 2 but since arriving home have wanted something sweet.  This is the time when you really have to focus on your goal.  I am now headed into the weekend and that concerns me a tad.  When I am at work, I focus on my work, when I am at home; I focus on things around the house and always end up snacking in the kitchen. I’ll just make sure I am reaching for healthy choices and not the old favorites like peanut butter and chocolate chips.

Kathy talks about “Why No Caffeine” on the 2nd day.  Morning coffee: A daily ritual that we have all turned to as a must have. I never drank coffee until I started running long distance.  For some reason when I was in Arizona, I use to get an ice coffee (actually it was a caramel macchiato from Starbucks) before an afternoon run, as it would certainly spark my late afternoon workout.  Since moving here, I started relying on coffee in the winter because its something warm I can count on.  The funny thing is, I can’t stand plain coffee.  In order for me to drink coffee, it must have a flavored creamer in it or be a “girly” drink like at your local espresso bar.  Caffeine is a stimulant, however like drugs, your body will need more and more to get the same effect that you might have had from a previous dose. I can definitely tell you that when I started running after an iced coffee, it wasn’t before long where I didn’t have any sort of “high” from it. Seriously, just thinking of that makes me think twice.  How can it possibly be good for me if I desire more and more in order to feel a kick like I did previously.  I don’t drink a ton of it, so in this case, its not very difficult for me, but I do miss chocolate.  What women in their right mind would give up chocolate? ME.  Kathy says “Caffeine further exhausts the body by stimulating our adrenal glands to produce adrenaline.  Adrenaline is part of the “fight or flight response, your body also produces higher levels of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is considered a stress hormone not because it is inherently bad for you; in fact, in normal levels it helps with glucose metabolism, regulating blood pressure, lowering inflammation, and raising immunity. In an ideal world, once the crisis is over our bodies can return to a resting state.  However, modern life, and substances like caffeine, can all too easily keep our cortisol levels artificially high.” Clearly I believe that perhaps a higher level of cortisol in my body can contribute to my inflammation thus causing pain… The very reason I think this is a good thing to test by removing it from my body.


Today I ate the following:

Breakfast: Corn Flakes topped with Strawberries

Mid Morning: Apple

Lunch: Sweet Potato with broccoli, kale, spinach, and veggie cheese

Mid Afternoon: Baba Ganoush with Rice Crackers and raw veggies

Before Yoga:

Dinner: Quinoa, green beans, and spaghetti squash.

After Dinner Snack: Baba Gonoush and corn chips

I just realized I didn’t do so well on my diet today, but I think that is because I was just so busy.


1. How do you feel today (overall) compared to yesterday? I don’t have a headache today, so that is a plus.  I do however have some pain in the areas below.  I went to the chiropractor for my hip and it seems as though it is getting better.  I am going to run tomorrow, so I guess we will see how it reacts.

2. Has anything changed with your symptoms that you may have not wrote about the day before?  Just no headache.

3. Are you feeling hungry at anytime during the day? I wasn’t feeling hungry, but did have the urge for chocolate or something sweet.

4. What was your workout today?  Back and Biceps with little core work.

5. When did you workout and how was your energy during the workout? I went to the gym at 5:45 AM this morning and my energy was good.  I was going to do Hot Yoga again, but didn’t feel all together when I first woke up.

6. How did your energy do throughout the day? Very good.  I never felt tired, but honestly can’t wait to watch a movie tonight on the couch.

7. How many hours of sleep did you get last night? 7 hours.

8. As it relates to your health, here is a list of areas that have caused some issues over the past 6 months. Please provide a brief update of each: Rating scale 1-10 (1 being no pain and 10 being the worst)

Left wrist pain: My wrist is definitely bothering more today than yesterday.  Likely due to lifting my biceps.  About a 7.

Right pointer finger joint:  Doing well, but appears to have a little swelling tonight.  About a 3.

Thumbs: I was on my blackberry a bit more today. About a 3

Right Hip: My hip feels good. About a 1.

Face/Skin: My rash is almost gone, but I still have signs of it on my neck and chin.

Other: I had night sweats last night, but this isn’t unusual.  I started having night sweats after my bicycle accident. It just seems to come with my monthly visitor.  I think that is why I felt dehydrated this morning when I got up.  Dang sweats.

Once again, I feel like today was a good day.  I certainly do well when I have things to occupy my mind.  The real test will be through the weekend.


Make it Count by creating energy using natural resources rather than relying on caffeine to do the trick.

Ashley Stevenson