Day 14 – Going Out and Perfecting My Moves

Today, I had a client in from Ontario, so my day was a bit thrown off because I had to order at a restaurant.  We decided to go to White Spot to have something to eat.  I have never been there, but gave my client the choice and that is where we ended up.  The first thing I ask was “Do you have a Gluten Free Menu?” the waiter said “No, we don’t.”  What I wanted to reply with was “jump on the band wagon mister, there are tons of people with food allergies,” but I didn’t.  I said “Ok, I guess I’ll do what I can with the menu and the waitress will probably hate me at the end.” Ha ha.  I then was forced to explain my cleanse to my client – he seemed impressed.  After a 5-minute conversation with the waitress, it was decided I was going to have a salad with veggies and cashews.  I then asked for Balsamic and Vinegar.  She said, “We don’t have balsamic” however on the menu they make a house balsamic dressing (which I reminder her of), but she ended bringing me white vinegar. She wasn’t the greatest server, but I just went with it.  The salad had red peppers, red grapes, celery, and cashews.  Then I added oil and white vinegar with some fresh squeezed lemons and it came out rather fantastic.  I ate my salad in about 8 minutes; meanwhile my client had only taken 2 bites out of his hamburger. Go figure, a hamburger is a staple for many!  I will admit to being a fast eater, but this guy was slowed down because he was doing all the talking.  I love to listen when I eat, because it saves time and I love to EAT.

Today I ate the following:

Breakfast: gluten free waffles, blueberries, strawberries, and pecans

Mid Morning: soy yogurt and pistachios

Lunch: The salad I mentioned above

Mid Afternoon: blue corn chips and salsa, Lara bar

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with a tomato sauce

After Dinner Snack: blue corn chips and hummus.


1. How do you feel today (overall) compared to yesterday? Pretty good, but it was really hard for me to get up today.

2. Has anything changed with your symptoms that you may have not wrote about the day before?  My foot has zero pain in the forefoot today, however my right hand is a bit sore from something.

3. Are you feeling hungry at anytime during the day? No, not really.

4. What was your workout today?  I did 100 kettlebell swings, 6-minutes abs, and the foam roll, so it was a quick but effective workout.

5. When did you workout and how was your energy during the workout? 5:30 AM.  My energy was good.

6. How did your energy do throughout the day?  Good. I feel a little tired tonight, but perhaps that is because I have been wired all week.

7. How many hours of sleep did you get last night? About 7.

8. As it relates to your health, here is a list of areas that have caused some issues over the past 6 months. Please provide a brief update of each: Rating scale 1-10 (1 being no pain and 10 being the worst)

Left wrist pain: About a 3.  I was working with my wrist this morning during my regen session with the foam roll. I think I am going to take a photo to record my current movement, so I can have a baseline.

Right pointer finger joint:  About a 2.

Thumbs: About a 2.  I got that temp BOLD blackberry to use until the new IPhone 5 comes out, so now I am on the keyboard that I shouldn’t be on.

Right Hip: I don’t even notice my him.

Face/Skin: Good, however I think this evening I am breaking out a bit.  UGH!


Tonight, I am working on the line dancing routine (tush push) I will be teaching tomorrow night at our annual church charity event. Should be a bit comical and fun.  I am just hoping that everyone at the event drinks A LOT (as well as drinks for me) so they won’t notice if I screw up while teaching… It’s funny, in Oklahoma and Arizona I loved to line dance, however it’s been about 10 years since that phase in my life and now I am teaching it… Let’s hope for the best.  At least I know, I will make people laugh!

Make it Count by teaching someone something new! (they may not even know if you screw up)

Ashley Stevenson