Day 11 – Half Way = Success and has Saved some Animals

Its official, we are half way there.  I am excited for what I have accomplished so far and will continue on my journey with more awareness.  During the past 11 days, I have also gained an extensive amount of knowledge.  I have learned so much about myself, about the Earth, and more importantly about compassion for the foods I digest.  It’s a step-by-step approach that forces you to plan, to research, and to embrace new tastes and flavors.  Face it; what we typically eat is usually covered with some type of condiment or sauce that hides the natural aspect of “real” foods.

Today I ate the following:

Breakfast: Gluten Free Waffles with banana, blueberry, pecans, Chai Tea

Mid Morning:

Lunch: Lentil Soup, Half an Apple, Carrots

Mid Afternoon: Clo and I shared the Watermelon Jugo Juice and a fresh Veggie Drink (she ordered so I have no clue)

Dinner: Red Quinoa, Avocado, Arugula, blue chips and guac.

After Dinner Snack: Likely Nothing

1. How do you feel today (overall) compared to yesterday? Good.  Energy is much better and I am very motivated to do my workout today.  I have done a little kettlebell (single arm swings and around the worlds) just before we left for church.

2. Has anything changed with your symptoms that you may have not wrote about the day before? No.  I think my body is doing well.

3. Are you feeling hungry at anytime during the day?  I felt hungry when we first got to the mall, but then we went to Jugo Juice and had some smoothies and I was fine.

4. What was your workout today?  It was supposed to be hot yoga @ 6 PM, but instead it was biceps, the 5-5-5 routine, and calisthenics.

5. When did you workout and how was your energy during the workout? It was about 6:30 PM and my energy was good. Little Jack worked out as well and I finally got him to do a bicep curl correctly.

6. How did your energy do throughout the day? Good. I never felt tired.

7. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?  7.5

8. As it relates to your health, here is a list of areas that have caused some issues over the past 6 months. Please provide a brief update of each: Rating scale 1-10 (1 being no pain and 10 being the worst

Left wrist pain: I had a little pain when I was doing ball slams, but honestly it was nothing compared to what I have been dealing with the last 6 months, About a 3.

Right pointer finger joint:  About a 2.

Thumbs:  About a 1.

Right Hip: About a 1.

Face/Skin: Looking much better.

Other: My glutes are a little sore from my stretch work yesterday.

It was good day today… We made a vegan soup for the lunch we had after church service.  It was a potato, kale, carrot, celery, and black bean soup: completely vegan and gluten free.  It came out fantastic and when I was serving into the bowls, I couldn’t help to reflect on the BLOG I wrote for day 10 (which I just posted moments ago).  Our soup filled about 50 bowls, which means if you read Day 10, you have now learned what it takes to produce a single 8 oz steak.  It felt good that people chose our soup, ate it, and even commented with positive remarks. I bet there were a few meat eaters in that crowd as well.  It feels good to know that perhaps you saved a couple cows today.

Make it Count by trying something Vegan today.

Ashley Stevenson