Day 1 – I am “Leaning In”

Wow, I made it through day 1 and I feel pretty good aside from a light headache.  Kathy calls this day the “Lean In” – she basically provides a shopping list and tells you that she understands it’s not going to be simple.  There will likely be minor signs of withdrawal and you might get cranky. I guess I had some minor signs when I really wanted that hot chocolate this morning…  Overall, I didn’t feel cranky, but I did want to knock my client upside the head as well as a few other people who don’t do their job.  I can’t stand when people don’t follow through.  Follow through is very important and should be a priority in the business world. Oops, I should be in a positive state right now, sorry for that raw honesty.

Ok, I am getting back on track… Today I ate the following:

Breakfast: Corn Flakes with a berry smoothie (frozen berries, spinach, agave nectar, soy protein, red alert, mila)

Mid Morning: Pecans and a glass of Refresh Tea (my favorite tea, I imagined it tasted like hot chocolate)

Lunch: Quinoa with coconut curry sauce (yummy), soy yogurt with almonds, 1 peach

Mid Afternoon: Baba Ganoush with Rice Crackers and raw veggies

Before Yoga: Handful of pistachios

Dinner: 19 different bean and veggie Nachos (We are trying to mimic the “Nourish” nacho recipe… Nourish is one of the greatest vegetarian restaurants on the planet.  Visit us in Calgary and we will take you!)

Night Snack: Maybe a little popcorn

1. How do you feel today (overall) compared to yesterday? I feel a bit tired which is not abnormal when you totally change things up.  I had zero cramps, which certainly helped with feeling better.

2. Has anything changed with your symptoms that you may have not wrote about the day before?  Yes, I have a slight headache that started around 3:30 PM.  Kathy says you could experience a headache for the first several days, so we’ll see.  I did have a horrible meeting at 2 PM with a nasty client, so perhaps that was part of the issue.

3. Are you feeling hungry at anytime during the day?  I didn’t feel hungry at all today.  I seemed to have the right amount of food.  I didn’t drink as much water as I had hoped, so I will work on this tomorrow.

4. What was your workout today?  75 minutes of Hot Yoga.

5. When did you workout and how was your energy during the workout?  I did my workout at 6 PM.  I was very tired going in, but feel better when I left.  Unlike yesterday, I didn’t feel quite as awful coming out.  I could actually walk which was good.

6. How did your energy do throughout the day?  My energy was good.  Not overly energetic, but certainly was maintained throughout the day.

7. How many hours of sleep did you get last night? I had an awful sleep last night.  I was up constantly going to the bathroom.  All that water throughout the day was just abusing me in the night.

8. As it relates to your health, here is a list of areas that have caused some issues over the past 6 months. Please provide a brief update of each: Rating scale 1-10 (1 being no pain and 10 being the worst)

Left wrist pain:  My left wrist pain is ok.  About a 6

Right pointer finger joint:  Right pointer finger seems to be ok. About a 4

Thumbs: My right thumb started to bother me a little on the way into work.  Blackberry is likely the cause. About a 5

Right Hip: Hip feels good. About a 2

Face/Skin:  Face still shows signs of the rash from the trip.

GI Issues:  GI issues did not exists today

Other: Just this little nagging headache that seems to be sitting behind my eyes a bit.

All and all it was a good day.  Perhaps a little easier than I thought.  Clorinda is making me laugh as she is doing a private journal and can write way better than me…. She makes her entries hilarious!

Make it Count by “leaning in” on your commitments.


Ashley Stevenson