Surgeries and Mishaps

Now I am certainly not saying life is easy since I had the revelation that I needed to take charge of this disease in 1995. As a matter a fact, a great deal comes with my persevering competitive Type “A” personality. I mean in 1998, I had orgnathic jaw surgery due to the disease attacking my jaw. It made it near impossible for me to eat. My jaw was wired shut for 6 weeks. Then in 2000, I had a complete tenosynovectomy of my entire right hand due to my hand being stuck in a partial fist configuration. In 2001, I was set to have some major foot surgery which would replace some joints in my forefoot; however I got scared and decided I would deal with the pain.  I mean, I wasn’t ready to not be able to do flexion and extension with my forefoot.  In 2002, I had massive rotator cuff surgery as the disease just ate through it.  In 2004, I was involved in a near fatal bicycle accident where I broke all my ribs and they conveniently slammed right through my liver.  I have had a number of factures in my feet and have been in a boot a number of times. This is to just name a few incidence and setbacks that this disease does still cause. But like the rest of “my story” I can only fit so much in as I am certain that you don’t want to keep reading for days and days.

Ashley Stevenson