Yesterday turned out to be a very encouraging day for me. I have been applying for jobs in Calgary since late March.  Its been interesting and definitely a very slow process.  I don’t want to just apply for anything, I want to apply for something that I believe in, something I can wake up to each day and be excited about doing.  Ultimately, something that will make a difference for people in a positive way.

Last week I received an interesting call from a company that I really thought I wanted to work for. Basically the head of this division called to tell me how great my resume looked, how extremely impressed he is with the amount of diversity I have, how perfect I would be for his division, that they would give me 3 weeks of vacation up front but I could negotiate more, they would match 5% of an RSP, they would match 5% of company purchased stock etc. I thought to myself “is this guy offering me a job without even meeting me” – I was pretty excited.  Then about 10 minutes after going on and on he says “but I can’t hire you right now because we are purchasing a large company who also owns other firms and that acquisition is going through at the end of July or possibly August. We just started talking about it, so I am not sure where things sit and who we will acquire on the project management side.”  Then he went on to say that I should try applying at some other firms (I won’t name them), however he would then just say something negative about their firm and promote how great his firm was.  He didn’t have anything to offer me, so I was so confused why he kept up-selling his firm. I then said, “What do you say we meet for coffee or lunch so when you have a position for hire, you can put a face with the name and think of me.”  He was all about that, but couldn’t commit to anything.   It was by far the oddest conversation I have ever had.  So after the shattering possibility of actually having a job again, I was more dumbfounded on why someone would call and take that approach.

Now getting back to yesterday… Recovering from the week before was a tough one, but I was still doing my best to remain positive.  Tuesday morning I was requested to do some consulting for an Edmonton based general contractor.  They had a tender for a large fitness facility in British Columbia that they wanted me to tender as well as use my background to help them get awarded the project.  We agreed on some terms were set to meet on Wednesday.  As I was getting ready Wednesday morning, I received a call from a company that I applied to a few weeks ago.  The woman on the other end introduced herself and then said, “You have been short listed as one of our top candidates for an interview.  I wanted to call and let you know we are restructuring and having a few meetings over the next 2-weeks, but we definitely want you to come in.  If for some reason you have a job offer before I call you back, can you please call and let me know so we can try and get you in for an interview.”

A possible opportunity, but best of all, a shot to interview with a company that I would enjoy working for.  I will go into this opportunity as another step in my journey.  All I can do is be ME and prepare for the tough questions I know that will be asked.  In the meantime, I will do a little research and learn what I can.

Here’s to making it count by believing in possibility.

Ashley Stevenson