Meaningful Acquaintance

How often do you tell a person how you feel about them?  And I don’t mean your family and friends, I mean like someone whom you may not know very well, but they are in your life weekly.  Perhaps a teacher, instructor, co-worker, favorite coffee bar person, waiter/waitress, bartender (hopefully this is not daily), or whomever you see that facilitates a “regular” in your world. They aren’t your close friend, but they are what I call “meaningful acquaintances” that you see often.

It would seem as though society is so quick to act on things when something bad happens.  How many times have you seen a bad review compared to a great review?  All one has to do is jump on the Internet or watch the news for a few minutes to find something negative that exists or is happening in the world.

In Phoenix, I had the same yoga instructor for 5 years.  This woman was a beautiful soul.  We would talk on occasion about a pose or why I couldn’t do certain aspects of the class because of my RA. From time to time, I would learn a few things about who she was, where she was from, and certain aspects about her.  She spoke freely in class and always wanted us to leave with purpose on our minds, so she may have shared something about her week or what was going on in the world.

After a long break from yoga, we finally found some time to attend.  In this afternoon class we also learned that our favorite instructor was moving.  Not only was she moving, but she was pregnant. The news was bitter-sweet for me.  I was so happy she was about to embark on one of the greatest aspects of life: being a mother, but at the same time was selfishly upset that she was leaving At One Yoga to move out-of-state!

After the class I was a bit depressed. Why? Well, this instructor had become a constant for me.  I use to attend her Sunday night Candlelight Flow class as an escape from the world I was living in.  Whether it was the death of my father, the discouragement of my accident, depression that stemmed from work or any other personal matter that caused a “feeling.”  I found this class at a time in my life when I needed to practice peace in my mind.  I needed to relax and to learn to free my mind of the busy distractions that played over and over in my head.

The class helped me see things I couldn’t see at first, but then later could capture because my mind wasn’t so bogged down from other mental distractions.  It was a place of salvation and love.  It was a place where growing would occur inside my being.  It was a place of peace and a place I could be me.

After learning the good news about this lovely lady, I was compelled to take a moment to write her a message to let her know of the impact she had made in my life.  How she had helped heal and renew my soul during some of those “times” in life when we just need something different.  I thanked her for being who she was and for what she shares with total strangers.

Make it Count by sharing a “thanks” to a meaningful acquaintance.

Ashley Stevenson