Impromptu Lunch Anyone

We were off to church on Sunday to hear one of Jack’s kid space teachers do the service.  After listening to the message we spoke to a few friends we have made since attending Hillhurst United in April of this year.

Brent and Hugh are two guys we have spoke to on several occasions.  We ended up having a very lengthy conversation that led us all to feeling very hungry.   Earlier they had mentioned dim sum that they typically have with some friends on Sundays.  Next thing you know, we all piled into our vehicle and were off to Calgary’s China Town for a little dim sum.

My day usually starts with going to my desktop calendar and writing a “TO DO” list.  This list also includes hand drawn little boxes that I can put a checkmark in once the task at hand has been completed.  Yes – this is very much a part of my TYPE A personality that will never go away.  It’s a simple list of tasks that run my day.  I feel a sense of satisfaction when I complete the entire list: what I call the completion of a short-term goal.  Do I need to remind you that I am very goal orientated?

Anyway, Sunday’s list wasn’t long, but it served its purpose.

Go to church

Go to the mall

Write gift check

Prepare for the week

Think positive about your future job

Clearly dim sum does not appear on this list, however it turned out that dim sum was in the cards.  We had a wonderful time learning more about our new friends as well as watching Clorinda and Jack’s amazement as these carts flew by with different types of Chinese tapas.  I failed to mention that I have done dim sum many times in the states and just like that day, it was always after church.  Clorinda and Jack have never had dim sum, so it was cute to see their jarring heads every few minutes.

Unbeknownst to my ‘plan’ for the day, we had great conversation, some little finger foods, Jell-O for Jack, and a new experience in Calgary.  It was a good time that included a number of laughs and the sharing of life moments each of us have incurred thus far in our journey.

Make it count by having an impromptu lunch with some new friends.

PS: You can add it on the “TO DO” list when you get home and then check it off!

Ashley Stevenson