Hot Yoga & Kind Words Always

Ah, hot yoga! I am back at it! It took a mere 4 days after getting my cast off before I walked into Sumits Yoga Biltmore to see Mrs. Kim Ewan. I contemplated if I was ready, as a matter a fact, I wasn’t sure if I was. Getting use to the reality that my wrist doesn’t move is still hard to grasp. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do certain aspects of the flow portion of class, so although a bummer, certainly not a show stopper! Concentrating on what I CAN DO is all that matters. Kim gave me a big hug and told me just that “girl, focus on what you can do. You will be great.”

During Sunday’s awesome class, I learned that Kim was teaching on Monday night at 7 PM. Well, why not go again. I mean we all know I love a solid honest Kim Ewan class!!! I haven’t attempted hot yoga at night since I’ve been back in Arizona, so it felt different. Many new faces in the room and the Arizona sun was down. While waiting for the yoga room to empty, I saw Patty Ragsdale who walked in the door. I raised my hands up and said “Hey hey girl!” Seeing her was the highlight of my night. She ended up practicing next to me and was so encouraging before starting, during, and after class! During class she reached over to me, gave me a nod, a thumbs up, and a powerful smile! I was working so hard at forehead to knee and she knew it! Afterwards, she made some amazing comments to me about how I looked like I hadn’t missed a day and my practice was amazing! I was so grateful for her words. It’s still mind blowing when people take a moment to tell you how inspiring and encouraging you are. I really couldn’t express my thanks enough to her for chatting with me about what has occurred, how things have changed, and how devoted I am to do the things I love. People can make a powerful difference when they express positive words to others in their life path. We each have the ability to change a persons day or to make them see something they can’t by being positive and sharing a loving thought. We all need to hear something nice. Today, I will ask you to change a persons thought process by sharing a kind thought! You never know another persons path, so add a smile when you can.

Make it Count by telling someone something encouraging and loving!

Ashley Stevenson