“Hi, I’m Danielle”

So what is it about introductions, some love them and some cower from them… I don’t mind introducing myself, as a matter a fact I love introducing myself to people.  Obviously, there are certain situations where I feel more confident to introduce myself: work being the easiest.  Perhaps this stems from the fact that I have completed a multitude of complex projects and don’t need practice on how to do it.  I mean confidence goes hand in hand with making an introduction.  Not to mention I learned early on that relationships are the key ingredient to being successful in construction.

The most powerful part of an introduction is the handshake. The handshake is a critical gauge of confidence, trust, sophistication and mood.  I like a firm grip.  It sends a message to the person in which you have come in contact with.   There is nothing more telling that how a handshake is received.  Pay attention to this and you can honestly gauge the room.

I recently started a new job and honestly not many people introduce themselves off the bat.  I find this odd and telling in certain cases.  If I want to know who someone is or what they do, I have to find out for myself.  I have experienced that intro where you say “Hi, I’m Danielle Bryant,” then they say “Hi, …,” then silence unfolds.  I just have to move on and hope the next introduction actually goes into “so what do you do or what are you working on.” We spend half our lives at work, so finding those work friends is critical to long term happiness.

You never know who you are going to meet or the interest you might share unless you take a chance and introduce yourself.  There is nothing to fear except fear itself. What is the worst that can happen?  You don’t see them again or learn to not put any of your energy in them moving forward.

Make it count by introducing yourself.

Ashley Stevenson