Discrimination vs. ICU

In today’s world it is unfortunate that we still deal with discrimination.  Why hasn’t society just accepted that people live their lives in different ways?  Or why does one person always make and assumption as to why someone is doing something, isn’t doing something, or does what they do because they assume there is some other motive.  I don’t get it.

I am not doing so great today emotionally as my grandfather is lying in ICU and his wife does not feel as though things are going in his favor.   I am saddened by this sudden turn for the worst as we have just begun to have a relationship.  If you have read my website, you will understand that I really don’t know a ton of my relatives.  I started writing my grandfather in 2008 and since then we have kept in touch with emails.  He loves to hear about Clorinda and Jack and makes me feels as though I have a “grandfather” too.  I am not ready for him to not reply to my emails…

So as I set and think about how my grandfather is doing, I also had a sudden embankment with a bit of discrimination.  Seems kind of meaningless compared to the last paragraph, but has certain hit an emotional heart string.  Perhaps I can expand on this more another time.

I am off to Banff to volunteer in the annual bikefest.  I am hoping the rain lets up and I can watch cyclists do their thing.  I also hope to meet some new people and help out where I can.

Here is to Making it Count by accepting all people and love the people who love you!

Ashley Stevenson