Believe it: Amazing People Surround Us

I rode my fixie to hot yoga yesterday morning. I saw that Alex Stark was teaching the 10 AM, so although my back was a bit sore from my tattoo touchup on Saturday night, I couldn’t miss my Sunday morning ritual knowing this fact. Why? 80 Minutes of personal fulfillment found on my mat that only belongs to me. It is the one very constant that is always there loving me completely.  It’s real and gives me just as much as I put into it. Actually, it gives me 10x’s more!

So I ask, “Hey babe, so is this 10 AM your new slot?” She quietly says “Yes, Can you believe it?” I said “hell YES, I can believe it.”  And there you have it the exact reason for this blog.  This is about believing what is possible and knowing that YOU are amazing.  So Alex, as my girl Sara Bareilles says be “BRAVE.” You’re astoundingly passionate about the mindful and grateful joy of this yoga life we have the privilege to do. It is my profound pleasure to practice amongst your guidance and love that fills the room. Thank you for being in my world!  Oh, and I will add – your music yesterday was so perfect. 

Speaking of music and amazing people, Alex did play “Calling all Angels” yesterday during a short savasana.  This had deeply resonated with me because I was practicing next to Pam.  I know Pam only from Sumits Hot Yoga Biltmore and actually was introduced to her by our friend and spunky hiking nut, Nicole Balducci, whom I also met at hot yoga.  I wouldn’t say we know each other well, but we always smile graciously, practice at similar times, do headstands, and she asks how my health is doing.  When you share space with people at yoga, you make friends in a special “yoga” sort of way. They become your smile and part of your energy for those 80 minutes. You grow to care about them, want to see them, and notice when they are absent! Those who do yoga know what I mean.   

When Pam arrived, I greeted her and pointed out where I was practicing. (Front of the mirror, a bit to the right – A creature of habit) She then shared with me some news that made me heart skip a beat.  This was going to be her last practice for a while as she was flying out of town to give her brother a kidney. I was humbled by this noble act of kindness and amazing bravery. I don’t think I have ever actually met anyone who has given an organ to someone they love, but perhaps I have.  As mentioned, I don’t know much about Pam, but it is certain she has a prevailing story. This next chapter will reveal what is so astounding about who she must be. I am even more grateful to practice with her.  In my book, she is beyond heroic and I will think about her as she travels to complete this transplant for a life outside of her own. 

We took this picture of us doing headstands yesterday at the end of practice. This is my keepsake and a reminder to her that your mat will be awaiting your return, but so will your yoga friends.  This is also a visual reminder that I need to listen more and learn more about the amazing people that surround my world.   

Make it Count by taking a moment to pick someone up and hear their story!

Ashley Stevenson