Beautiful Deer and Burning Feet

This post is a couple of days behind…. It may be a bit behind but at least it’s getting the post it deserves.  So Sunday we came back from a great trip in Canmore.  The weather was perfect – SUNNY!  The day we arrived home I was itching to go on a bike ride.  For those of you who know me, realize cycling is my religion.  I love it so much.  When I ride my bike I can have conversations with my higher power, talk to my daddy, or just think about how I can make a positive difference in the world.  While in Canmore I was so jealous of all the bike riders I saw: all enjoying the weather riding their bikes… Lucky peeps!  So needless to say,  I jumped on my bike just minutes after I finished the drive from Canmore back to Calgary.  I was smiling as I meander down the street towards Sandy Beach park where I would hit my start onto Elbow River pathway.  It was still sunny in Calgary and probably about 23C which is about 75F (I consider 75F my perfect day!).  I decided I would see how long my body could last on the bike… I mean I was feeling better than I had in weeks. I was riding steadily along with minimal to no pain in my wrists, hands, neck, legs, or feet.  I was feeling so overjoyed about being on the bike that I decided to make the trek over to Fish Creek park.  Unbeknownst to me I was going to add 31K to my bike ride that day, not my intention, but of course not unusual for someone like me to do.  I have a habit of trying to do too much when I am feeling good.  I’ll have to admit this extra mileage was worth it.  I saw 2 wild deer – one that was about 5′ from me and the other just in the distance.  I happen to think deer are such amazing and graceful animals… Ok, so back to the bike ride –  I was on my way back home when about an hour and half into the ride my feet starting burning.  Burning to the point where I felt as though someone was digging razor blades into my flesh.  Perhaps you can not understand this type of pain, but all I can say is that I felt like my foot was stuck to the ground by a stake and I was trying to pick it up.  See, when I create a rigid point with my joints is when the pain will set in, however it just doesn’t come on gradually, it hits you like a Mack truck.  For instance, lets say you have a 5 pound ball in each hand and you were asked to stand in a  “T” formation for as long as possible. In just minutes you would feel some aggravating pain.  The kind of pain that says “you have to quit, this is ridiculous.”  Now multiply this task by 50 and that is what my feet felt like.  The only way to make the pain subside for a few minutes was to either stop and sit down for a while or to unclip out of the pedals, let my foot hang there while my other leg did all the work.  Needless to say, I choose the latter because that is the goal of my website.  I couldn’t quit moving because it is my goal to get people moving. There are times I want to “quit” but I also know that I can’t because the day that I decide to throw in the towel will be the day that my demise happens all over again. So needless to say, my projected 90 min ride turned into an exhausting 170 grueling minutes.  I was eager to get home to take off my bike shoes and get those babies in an epsom salt soak combined with a cold water contrast and that I did.  I was sitting on the side of the tub thinking to myself “well my burning feet taught me a lesson today, however I saw some beautiful deer while learning.”

So here’s to making it count with the original plans we have.  You don’t have to out-do something in order to see Natures Beauty, but man was that worth it!

Ashley Stevenson