BBM with Meaning

For those of you who don’t know what BBM stands for – allow me to define: Blackberry Messenger.  If you don’t have a blackberry, then you don’t know what this is, but for those of you who do, you know its pretty cool considering its ability beyond a normal text messaging application.  (look for the latest commercial that reveals how “flirting” can be effective using BBM) – This post has nothing to do with flirting, but it does have to do with a relationship that has been carried out and supported via BBM over the past several months.

Last fall I reached out to a friend of mine, Sarah, with whom I reunited with via Facebook (the most powerful benefit to social networking).  We were pretty close in high school, as a matter a fact, I considered her one of my dearest friends in life at that time.  Like with most friendships in life, they come and go, or we lose touch whether on purpose or not. In some cases we are blessed to be reunited with people whom we shared a past portion of our life with and usually there is a reason.

So I asked Sarah in an email if she had a blackberry, and if so, would she want to add me as a contact so we could keep in touch outside of facebook.  Well she did and since then we have been motivating, supporting, and encouraging each other via BBM ever since.  Its been the high light of my day at times considering I am in a new place, let alone a new country.  We share things from time to time and offer a smile or thought to each others day… Its a nice surprise and a wonderful feeling when people “check in” on you.  I can’t say that living in Canada has been easy, but I must say, its easier when people take a moment to care by sending a message of thought.

Just recently, she sent me a note to tell me she was thinking about me and to inquire about how I was feeling… It was the day after I had received some daunting news about my health.  It came at a moment when I was weakened by fear and trying to cope with the unsettling fact that I cannot change the hand I have been dealt.   The point is, this BBM message had a sign of hope attached to it.  It was caring, considerate, and indicated that although there isn’t much she can do, she certainly wishes there was something she could. Well I am here to say she did…. Sarah – Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.  It has been so awesome to have you part of my daily life via BBM.  The blessing of having your friendship cross my path 17 years later is astounding and adds so much to my world. It is my hope we can be in the same room to see what we have made of ourselves and to introduce our families in the future.  Although you may not realize, you have been a source of strength for me. More importantly, your last message written on March 29 at 11:12 AM was a powerful moment that made an impact on my emotions. Thank you for your friendship, your heart, and for just being who you are.

Its amazing how people can impact your life by just a statement or a 15 second text message.

Make it Count by sending someone a BBM.

Ashley Stevenson