A Marathon for Holly

he Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon started at 7:40 AM today and my dear friend Holly is running her heart out after 6 months of preparation and commitment to complete her first FULL marathon.  Her journey started with a conversation at the gym and was followed by the relentless pursuit to make it happen. I should probably say that nothing is just a “conversation” – Holly and I share this TYPE A personality that when we commit, we commit about 150% of our lives.  She re-arranged her schedule and started to pack on miles week after week.  Being over 3200 miles away, I wasn’t part of her daily progress, but every now and then I got the update of how things were going, how it felt, and what was next.  As with anything, there are ups and downs, but the best part about her downs is tomorrow was a new day.  She never gave up hope, but learned to listen to what her body was saying. She took care of herself and never looked back.  She was going to experience this journey to the fullest!

Holly – I am so proud of you and hope you enjoy that moment when you cross the finish line!  Your have reached the final destination of this long trip! Congratulations! Today you are my hero!

Make it Count by being proud of what you have accomplished!

PS: Go have a cookie or two!

Ashley Stevenson