A Hoop with Some Heat in Canmore

We are in Canmore, Alberta staying with a friend in his cabin.  I am sitting and writing this entry on the back porch with the sun beaming down on me and the mountains surrounding every visual I have.  I love it!  It feels so surreal at times.  Like this morning we went for a walk and saw two mountain goats feeding near the basketball courts. My wrist is feeling great today, so I went to shoot some hoop.  It was really something shooting baskets with the “three sisters” in the background.  I honestly cannot believe we are in this amazing place.  When I think about my job not working out I often say “well if it wasn’t for the horrific job, I would have never seen this type of beauty.” Everything always happens for a reason.  The weather is 20 C which I believe converts to like 72 F. It feels much warmer because the sun is actually closer to Canada than it is to Phoenix, Arizona.  I am in love with this heat because my joints feels ‘almost’ normal.  The thought of having NO pain and racing again are in the near future.  I can almost touch it! 

We are off for a day of shopping in Banff.  Actually our friend Brian is going to take us on a scenic tour.  Next weekend is the Banff Bikefest.  We are going to go for the day because cycling is what I love.

Make it Count by enjoying the beauty that surrounds you!

Ashley Stevenson